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What Is the Best Artificial Lawn?

In the past 20 years, the synthetic lawn market has exploded. But what are the goods on offer, and who are the companies to be considered? There is a huge ...
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Tips on Designing a Small Living Space

Living in small homes or apartments brings extra challenges of life. More than one times, I've been faced with the challenging task of designing small living rooms. These rooms are ...
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Quality of life is a very difficult idea to define. The World Health Organization has tried to put words to this nebulous concept. It integrates various socio-economic parameters, and others that are much more difficult to quantify, yet crucial, such as happiness, freedom, human rights or health. In fact, quality of life is a bit of everything. It is a feeling of material, social and mental security that allows us to move forward serenely in life. Our quality of life has a direct influence on our mood and our happiness. Hopefully this blog will bring you good vibrations!

- Arnold Flores