Hey, my name is Arnold Flores and here are some of my favorite concepts for living a more fulfilling life.

My motivation behind this blog

Work represents the major part of our awakened, conscious life. And if there is one area in which we tend to neglect our relationships, it is in work. Yet most people spend far more time with their colleagues or clients than with their family or friends.

In fact, your quality of life at work might almost seem more important than your quality of life at home. It’s important that you enjoy your work. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are passionate about what you do, but that you have the opportunity to learn new things, that your relationships with your superiors and colleagues are good, that you don’t feel too insecure.

Don’t fall into the trap of separating your professional life from your private life and seeing work only as a way to earn money to satisfy your needs. Your work is an integral part of you. When you first meet someone for the first time, don’t you often ask him or her what he or she does for a living?

This blog mixes my professional life with my private life. This blog is my life.